My Philosophy of Ministry

Vision statement:

Being a life-giving and loving community made up of all ages where Jesus is the main attraction.

Mission statement: 

Shepherd a community in the worship of God and the study and application of Scripture.

Core values: 

  1. An Ongoing Ministry of the Holy Spirit

I’ve been a Pentecostal for all of my life and I love it.  The life and energy of Christianity is found in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I believe in cultivating a place where people can experience God and have their hearts fully engaged. One of the things I value most dear is a vibrant and life-giving worship experience. I love expressive forms of worship, or at least a freedom to be authentic even if that means sitting down in reflection.

My theology includes a belief that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is subsequent to conversion and is for the empowerment of the believer. Maintaining a charismatic outlook on life allows for such things as personal guidance, healing, and miracles.

  1. An Expositional Ministry of the Word of God

One of my highest goals is to preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). I intend to create a learning environment where the life of the mind is valued. An expository style of preaching, where sermons are built directly from passages of Scripture, is my approach in the pulpit.  I’ve always been attracted to teaching that is intellectually stimulating and yet easily applied to life.

I’ve entitled my blog “Convergence” in honor of the heart and mind converging and finding a home within the church.

  1. Simple Church

There are season’s of life when things can get  busy, but chronic busyness is never good for the soul. That’s why I’m an advocate of keeping a light church calendar and placing an emphasis on small groups. This allows time for the healthy rhythms of work, family and community involvement, recreation, reflection, and rest. Life cannot be pressed to the margins and be sustainable for long. I have no desire to pastor a chronically busy church.

  1. Friendly Church

One of the most important things a church can be is friendly. Cliques and clubs are not indicators of church health. New people must be able to assimilate quickly in order for the church to be a safe harbor for the world. It is my goal to foster a friendly and welcoming environment and encourage people to love and serve in their workplaces and neighborhoods. I intend to be a lead pastor who is approachable for all ages.

  1. A Plurality of Leadership

Henri Nouwen once said that ministers are called to be full members of their communities. I fully agree. Pastors are not to be isolated from the church. They are to find their place within the body and on a leadership team. I believe a church is healthiest when led by a team of biblically qualified equals. This provides for use of the diversity of gifts, distribution of duties, and a safe culture of checks and balances. The  lead pastor is not the highest governing authority; the leadership team is – in which the pastor humbly serves as its member and leader.


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