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My Favorite Books of 2016… and some goals for this year.

Here were some of my favorite reads of 2016. Listed in no particular order. Rejoicing in Christ, by Michael Reeves. I like small books. To me, they tend to pack a greater punch. And this one did that for me. Written in a fresh style, Michael Reeves breaks it down. Why is Christ at the center […]

Has God ever been lonely?

It’s autumn and the geese are flying south. Look out your window and see their V-formations. They say a whole flock can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy, than if each goose were to fly alone. All the birds flapping their wings provides additional lift and reduces air resistance for all. So you can […]

Facing Trials

This was our second week of going through the Psalms at Mount Hood Christian Center. We looked at Psalm 1 during my first week in the pulpit, and last Sunday we spent our time studying Psalm 6. Now, Psalm 6 doesn’t get a lot of air time, because Psalm 6 is what you would call a lament. And […]

The Holy Spirit (Book Review)

Zondervan Academic has introduced a series entitled New Studies in Dogmatics. General Editors, Michael Allen and Scott R. Swain, have recognized that modern theology has shown great facility in the fields of exegesis and history yet, constructively speaking, has displayed “a sideways drift rather than an upward progression…” Therefore these new studies endeavor to advance […]

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