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Has God ever been lonely?

It’s autumn and the geese are flying south. Look out your window and see their V-formations. They say a whole flock can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy, than if each goose were to fly alone. All the birds flapping their wings provides additional lift and reduces air resistance for all. So you can […]

Calvinism and 1 Timothy 2:4

I just finished reading, For Calvinism, by Michael Horton, in which he conducts a fine survey of the Calvinist worldview. He does a great job of showing how Reformed Theology stands for much more than just the 5 points of TULIP. Horton is to be commended for explaining Calvinism (often juxtaposing it with Arminianism) in such an […]

Taking “Anthropomorphism” Out of My Vocabulary

I know… it’s not a term thrown around a lot, but you do hear it a lot in the field of theology. And quite frankly, I’m uncomfortable with it. Here’s why: it keeps God in the abstract. The following are two standard definitions: A Handbook of Theological Terms (Harvey) defines Anthropomorphism as: The attribution of […]

Reading the Bible as Guilt Management

      Will Willimon, in his book Conversations with Barth on Preaching, makes some jarring assertions that certainly forces one to think. Willimon reminds us that God is UNKNOWABLE. Such a statement makes me squirm a bit. But, just to sit down with it for a moment is a good exercise. Because what it does is […]

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