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Preachers: Maintain Your Prophetic Edge

A couple of years ago I took a seminar with a United Methodist Bishop, by the name of William H. Willimon. The man served as the pastor of 800 minister in his particular area. He has since retired and now serves as a professor of ministry at Duke University. The topic for our seminar was A Theology of Preaching. […]

Seminary or Cemetery?

         Things are changing, but there was a day not too long ago when seminary education was viewed in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles as a place you went to lose your faith. A spirit of intellectualism was warned against because it bred doubt and killed vibrancy. And if there’s anything Pentecostal/Charismatic churches are not it’s […]

Preaching a Debtor’s Ethic

I can honestly say, to my chagrin, that up to about a few years ago I had given virtually no thought to a very serious malady prevalent in the preaching world today. A friend not too long ago was bemoaning certain aspects of the church and said something like, “The church has just become so moralistic.” […]

Learning the Biblical Languages

I’ve been off line for awhile as I’ve tried to finish up some end of the semester projects. I’m currently taking an exegesis course on the book of Genesis. And let me tell ya, Hebrew exegesis is a painstaking process. I will probably never drill this deep on a regular basis, but, hey, at least I’m […]

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