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The Unbusy Pastor

“The Unbusy Pastor” is a phrase I found as a chapter heading to Eugene Peterson’s book entitled The Contemplative Pastor. When I found this little phrase I just took it up in my hands and rolled it around a few times. I liked the feel of it. I said to myself, “is it possible?” I didn’t […]

The Busy Pastor

I think Walter Brueggemann is right on the money. Give this a listen:        This is something I’ve always wondered about. Some pastors seem to be the busiest people on earth. But, I’ve always wondered… does it have to be that way? Because quite frankly, I don’t want to be a busy pastor. I want […]

The Value of Less

         When given the choice between more or less the decision seems quite obvious. Of course we’re gonna choose more if given the opportunity. It’s a natural instinct. We are people who are prone to think that bigger is better and more is merrier. What got me thinking about this is a chapter […]

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