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Alexander Hamilton (Book Review)

If it weren’t for the smash hit musical, entitled Hamilton, I probably would’ve never investigated this book. However, I saw an interview with Ron Chernow, where he described his early interchanges with Lin-Manuel Miranda, producer of the Broadway hit. I was extremely intrigued. Hip Hop and history? Alexander Hamilton as an urban immigrant rapper? Woah. […]

The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb (Book Review)

Anytime I hear of a book that features Eugene Peterson I will most likely be inclined to read it. Peterson is such an inspirational guy that upon hearing of this new project, I jumped at the chance to read it and devoured the book (hopefully not like a dragon though!).  In this work, authors Jamin Goggin […]

My Favorite Books of 2016… and some goals for this year.

Here were some of my favorite reads of 2016. Listed in no particular order. Rejoicing in Christ, by Michael Reeves. I like small books. To me, they tend to pack a greater punch. And this one did that for me. Written in a fresh style, Michael Reeves breaks it down. Why is Christ at the center […]

Favorite Books of 2015

I love books and I love lists. So this is one of my favorite things to do — compile a top 10 list of my favorite reads of the year. I should be honest, though, many of these books were not read, but listened to. I have an hour and a half commute everyday, and, honestly, […]

Why I Started Reading Fiction

While spending some time in the Gospel of Luke I was taken back by how MANY times Jesus told a story. One right after another, after another, after another! It was almost non-stop. Just about every time Jesus was questioned or called upon to give an answer he would essentially say, “Well… once upon a time…” […]

Calvinism and 1 Timothy 2:4

I just finished reading, For Calvinism, by Michael Horton, in which he conducts a fine survey of the Calvinist worldview. He does a great job of showing how Reformed Theology stands for much more than just the 5 points of TULIP. Horton is to be commended for explaining Calvinism (often juxtaposing it with Arminianism) in such an […]

A Loving Life (Book Review)

Recently I finished a book, entitled A Loving Life, by Paul E. Miller. I really enjoyed his A Praying Life a few years back, and I was excited to learn that Miller had another book coming out, written in the same vein. First chance I had, I picked it up and was not disappointed. It was an insightful book, […]

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