What I learned this year from Russell Wilson

I love the Seattle Seahawks.

There’s not a team (football, or otherwise) that’s remotely as close to my heart as the Hawks. And of my all-time favorite Seahawk players (Largent, Easley, Lynch, Chancellor), Wilson may just be my favorite.

We’re not the team we are without #3. I love the guy. Not only for his crazy athleticism, but for his humble demeanor and incredible work ethic. Even after a devastating loss you can count on Wilson to be professional and forward looking.

So I wasn’t surprised to see this afternoon, minutes after the Hawks’ playoff loss to the Falcons, Wilson Tweet the following statement:


Atta boy, Russ!

The phrase that really stood out to me was “I will never complain!”

And, Lord knows, he could’ve! His O-line, this year, was young and inexperienced. He got stepped on midway through the game by one of his own players. It cost the team, not only a safety, but, perhaps, the momentum of the game. But, Wilson refuses to complain. Great choice. This guy inspires me.

“I will never complain!” Now that is a great decision to live by!

I love following this guy’s career. In fact, many of his mantras are great truths to live by. This year, while listening to his press conferences, I decided to take some notes. To be honest, they’re not that exciting because he gives fairly predictable answers. However, the guy has a philosophy, an approach to the game, that should not be ignored. And if you listen closely certain themes begin to emerge from his responses.

All boiled down, this is what I learned from Russell Wilson this year. I affectionately called this page in my notebook, Wilsonisms. And I believe they are fully transferable to any job, pursuit, or endeavor.

  • Stay prepared. Prepare at the highest level. Study as much as you can. Put in the extra work. Respect the process. Hard work pays off in the end.
  • Live in the moment. The next game represents a new opportunity. The goal is to go 1-0 every week. Yesterday’s wins or losses (no matter how great) does not matter today. The only thing that matters is the opportunity standing right before you.
  • Be consistent. Hall of Fame players are consistent on and off the field. Pay attention to the little things. Keep to the basics and do them well. Everyday is a championship opportunity.
  • Don’t play the game with fear.
  • Keep grinding. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Thanks for the wisdom, RW, and for another great year. Sure appreciate your leadership and hungry heart. The best is yet to come!






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