Separation of Powers

For the Lord is our Judge; The Lord is our Lawgiver; The Lord is our King; He will save us.

Isaiah 33:22 

The fear of tyranny has prompted a thing called “the separation of powers.” Our constitution has concluded that if we keep the power out of the hands of one, administration will be fair and equitable for all. Three branches of government, therefore, have been instituted as a system of checks and balances. These branches are known as Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. As history has repeatedly taught us, giving one man total and compete power has never been a wise endeavor.

separation of power

That’s why I can’t help but to smile when I read this verse in Isaiah 33. Because who fills the office of each of these branches? Um, well… we got the LORD, and then… the LORD, and then the LORD, again! Now how’s that for power!

But, only an all-wise, all-benevolent Father can be trusted in such a manner. No need to strap Him with checks and balances. No need to look over His shoulder. No need to separate His powers because to do so would only prove to diminish them.

Unlike man, He is not hungry for tyranny.  He’s not hungry for control. As the verse concludes — He’s hungry TO SAVE. And to separate His powers would only compromise His mission.

With man our safest route is to implement systems to limit power. But with the LORD it’s just the opposite. The safest route is to cut constraints, remove restrictions, and erase stipulations and allow Him to consolidate unbridled power in our life… TO SAVE to the uttermost.


Savior of the world, we give you complete control. 


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