Closed Doors

John 20:26 ~ Then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you.

Behind closed doors

A popular prayer we have is – “Lord, open the door.” We just can’t walk through doors that are shut. We need God to rearrange our situation to make it possible. For us, it’s a necessity.

For Him, the rules do not apply.

Things don’t need to line up. Doors don’t need to open. Can you imagine offering to get that door for Christ? He’d be like: “No thanks” and makes His way through it anyway.

It’s so tempting to be discouraged when we see the closed door, thinking it needs to open before God can move. But according to this scripture, when Jesus plans to move He doesn’t need to rearrange any furniture. He can just move irregardless of the closed door.

Now there’s a shift in thinking!

When the situation looks like one big closed door… don’t fret. Simply smile and know what Jesus is capable of. He doesn’t need to pick the lock. He doesn’t need to pop the hinges. He doesn’t even need to kick the door down. He can pass right through that door as if it were thin air. That impossible situation that looms large is like thin air to Jesus. He will come, stand in the midst, and speak peace to your heart.

We need not pray for an open door. We can just watch God to move.



  1. Very real- get us out of our box thinking! If God’s moving He sure doesn’t need our limitations. Thanks

  2. Thanks, C! Impossible for man – possible for God! Amen.

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