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Hannah Coulter (Book Review)

I just finished up with the novel Hannah Coulter, penned by Wendell Berry, and I’ll say it’s been one of my favorite reading experiences of all time. At 190 pages it’s my kind of book. I’m currently reading Moby Dick, and man, is it a loooong book! Too long. I believe the length actually takes away from the story. But […]

Why Expository Preaching?

First off, what is expository preaching? I would define it like this: The taking up of one text per sermon for the purpose of explanation, illustration, and application. This style of preaching is different than, let’s say, topical preaching where the minister picks a topic and searches the Bible for verses that support his thought. […]

The Dart

One of my favorite authors is Eugene Peterson. The man is a great writer and is extremely insightful when it comes to the pastor’s vocation. In his book Under the Unpredictable Plant, he uses a chapter of Melville’s classic, Moby Dick, called “The Dart” as an analogy for the role of a pastor in the life of a church. […]

Window, Mirror, or Picture: 3 Ways to Read the Bible

Recently I read an article by Richard Pratt, called Pictures, Windows, and Mirrors (WTJ 45, 1983) and it has given me a helpful image to explain something I gleaned while in seminary. In the article he lays out three ways of reading the Bible: As a WINDOW As a MIRROR, or As a PICTURE We tend to read the Bible in the first […]

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