Learning the Biblical Languages

I’ve been off line for awhile as I’ve tried to finish up some end of the semester projects. I’m currently taking an exegesis course on the book of Genesis. And let me tell ya, Hebrew exegesis is a painstaking process. I will probably never drill this deep on a regular basis, but, hey, at least I’m leaning how to do it well!
I’ve decided that learning biblical languages is like eating vegetables. Veggies never call out your name. When I open the fridge and have that choice between a frosted cupcake and a bag of carrots, I’m never reaching for the carrots, unless that is, I make a conscious effort to do so. Eating carrots and learning biblical languages are not very exciting, but man, are they good for you! I guess the excitement comes when you see the results. Actually getting the hang of it is reward in itself. And I never thought learning Hebrew would give me such a sense of the culture, and help me make connections I wouldn’t have otherwise made. I’m finding it helps me read the translations better as well. But, to be able to read the Bible in it’s native tongue is really quite a treat and adds something to the experience that you just don’t get otherwise. It’s kinda like having an Italian dish in America. It can be awesome. The Bible can be that in any translation. But then imagine having an Italian dish in Rome, with all of it’s accoutrements. Mmm mmm mm. It’s just a richer experience. More costly for sure, not necessary I suppose, but richer nonetheless. And even if I can’t stay in Rome all the time, it can at least enliven my sense of Italian food here in America.

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  1. I feel you bro. I am preparing to preach in Judges and doing my exegetical work on the passage and I keep saying to myself that I must a faster way to do this, but the only way to accomplish this is constant practice. “The only way out of the valley is through.” Keep up the hard work!!

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