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Give Me That Old Time Religion

I grew up attending Pentecostal camp-meetings from the mid to late 70’s. Six nights out of seven that’s where you could find us. If you’ve never been to a camp meeting¬†it is usually a large tent pitched upon a large plot of dirt in an urban setting. Wood chips are strewn across the ground and […]

Word before World

Had another thought provoking day in seminar with Bishop Willimon. This guy is certainly probing thinker. Here’s what I’m chewing on from today. The world belongs to whomever can name it.¬† Think about that. You’re in a brand new situation. Maybe it’s an unknown situation. Maybe it’s an awkward one. Uncharted waters. No one knows […]

Barth on Biblical Exposition

I feel so theologically sophisticated now… I’m reading Karl Barth. Much is made of this man and now that I’m getting acquainted with him I can see why. His thought crackles with liveliness and has a force of directness. His background and journey gives one much appreciation for his theology. And he was prolific in […]

The Role of the Preacher

I’m still reading Thomas G. Long’s The Witness of Preaching. In it he makes an outstanding analogy: The human mind works something like an auto-focus camera… Preachers are something like photographers’ assistants, setting up a series of interesting scenes and then urging the hearers to take pictures of them… As the preacher presents one idea […]

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