My Ten Favorite Books of 2013

  1. Till We Have Faces (Lewis) – I was afraid this one was gonna be beyond me, but I quickly found out that I could track with it. It was deep, multi-level deep, but very accessible, and oh so good. Man! I almost can’t wait to pick it up again. My new all-time favorite!
  2. Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery) – oh, oh, oh, this was beautiful. Can’t believe this actually came out of somebodies imagination. Anne is such a cool character and her scope of imagination infuses the entire book with wonder. Love this one.
  3. The Diary of a Young Girl (Frank) – I think I actually read this at the same time as Anne of Green Gables and thought there were many parallels. Both Anne’s were vivacious young, literate girls who had a wonderful sense of the world. Obviously this account was much, much grittier, sad, and real.
  4. Christ-Centered Preaching (Chapell) – Very good. But, the thing that took the cake was his section on the redemptive model of preaching. My goodness – revolutionary stuff. Changes how I think about preaching forever.
  5. Big Red (Kjelgaard) – Read this to my son. Very good.
  6. Where the Red Fern Grows (Rawls) – Another dog story I read with my son. My goodness the writing in this story is scary good. Almost haunting. Unforgettable. A true American classic.
  7. Answering God (Peterson) – This book is a good example of why I love Peterson so much. The guy is just so insightful.
  8. The Hiding Place (ten Boom) – This was wonderful. Goodness, kindness, love, and forgiveness. Darkness sure makes the light shine brighter. What a beautifully written account.
  9. Poems & Prose (Rossetti)The Goblin’s Market is worth the price of the whole book. Her other stuff was terrific too. I never made it through her prose; just not quite the same as her verse (imho).
  10. The Prodigal God (Keller) – I really like Keller. His stuff is so simple its profound. And the cool thing… most of the time he’s just expounding Scripture.

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